3 Weeks To Go

Not long now.

Was just doing a bit of research on swims by Australian’s and put together the following summary:

  • 119 Australian’s have successfully completed the swim (as at end of 2014 season) – with both the CSA and CSPF
  • Des Renford holds the record for most swims – 19 crossings
  • Second most swims is Chloe McCardel on 7
  • 13 Australian’s have swum the channel 2 or more times
  • Australian’s have crossed 163 times since Linda McGill kicked things off in 1965
  • The earliest swim of the season by an Australian was John Jameson on 2 July 2013 – he swum a time of 18:16


Based on all of that, it looks like either myself, Grant or Brett will break the record for the earliest swim by an Australian as our window is from 22-29 June 2015. Probably the only record likely to be broken though as looking at the top 20 times, there are some very impressive efforts in there. Its a roll call of Australia’s open water swimming elite. I’m still in awe of the Trent Grimsey effort – absolutely incredible.

Full Name Ratifying Organisation Time Swim Date
Trent Grimsey 6:55:00 08-Sep-2012
Tamara Bruce CSA 7:53:00 02-Sep-1994
John Van Wisse CSA 8:17:00 20-Jul-1994
Susie Maroney CSA 8:19:00 22-Jul-1991
Susie Maroney CSA 8:29:00 31-Jul-1990
Tammy Van Wisse CSA 8:32:00 20-Jul-1994
Tammy Van Wisse CSA 8:35:00 26-Aug-1993
Susie Maroney CSA 8:55:00 22-Jul-1991
Baden Green CSA 8:59:00 22-Jul-1991
Stuart Johnson CSA 9:02:00 08-Aug-2014
Chloë McCardel CSA 9:03:00 25-Jul-2011
Peter Tanham CSPF 9:04:00 15-Aug-2005
Paul O’Shea CSA 9:04:00 20-Aug-2014
Chloë McCardel CSA 9:12:00 07-Sep-2014
Greg Shein CSA 9:18:00 31-Aug-2014
John Van Wisse CSPF 9:23:32 07-Aug-2010
Shelley Taylor-Smith CSA 9:27:00 27-Aug-1990
Mark Scanlon CSA 9:30:00 31-Aug-2010
Chloë McCardel CSA 9:30:00 08-Sep-2012
Kelly Dixon CSA 9:38:00 31-Jul-1994


A sub 10 hour swim would put me in the top 30 Australian’s and around 220th of all swimmers who had successfully completed the crossing.

More updates to come over the next few weeks.


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