Big October!

Well it was a big October, racking up 126.5km in both the pool and the open water. Was also the first month in a long time that I didn’t get some form of illness or loose time out of the water.

The big difference has been getting in the Bay every Saturday and Sunday for the last 4 weeks, starting at 15km over the two days and getting up to 22km this past weekend. The water is now around 15 degrees which feels quite warm. Probably still a degree or two colder than what I will be swimming in next June over in the UK.

I have also been trialling a heap of different gels and flavours. Some are really nice but are too hard to squeeze out and take too long to eat – no good when you are bobbing up and down in the water. Others taste terrible (the gels you get in Coles when you forget to get the good ones) and make you feel sick.

In terms of nutrition, the plan is to take in 150mL of water (warm) and around 75g of carbs every hour during my swim. Still haven’t decided whether to feed every hour or every half hour – will make that call closer to the swim. That sort of intake probably means mixing the gels into the warm water and possibly even including some RedBull or something similar.

Every person you talk to who has swum the Channel has a different feeding strategy and what I have taken away from my discussions is that you just need to do what works for you – whilst making sure you are taking on enough energy to get through it. To give you some idea, I burn around 1,100 calories per hour so I need to replace that. Things get interesting if you happen to be sick as in the following feed, you not only have to take on energy for the upcoming time period, but also replace part of what has been lost. This is why the support team is so crucial as they need to be ready to respond and adjust the feeds according to what is happening in the water.

Thinking about doing this swim as well. Looks like fun and an even more exclusive club than the English Channel – same distance as well….

Also hopefully be able to make an announcement in the next post about the charity I will be raising money for. Very worthy cause and very excited to be able to help them out….