Port Phillip Bay Water Temperature

The most common question I get asked is “what is the water temperature in Port Phillip Bay”.

Well to answer that question, the best source of information is the Melbourne University School of Earth Sciences webpage (http://www.baywx.com.au/temps.html), updated with information from CSIRO, the BOM, and the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria daily.

The most relevant graph is “Northern Bay” which is reporting a current temperature of 11.5°C. This is the closest monitoring point to Sandridge Beach where I have been doing most of my open water swimming. A number of reported temperatures are taken close to shore and as such, are typically lower than those taken further out.

This year started off as above average (with the temperature actually hitting 30°C for a day or two in late January 2014 after a string of 40°C days) however in the last 4 weeks, has returned to right on the average (see below). Needless to say, the temperature felt warmer this week than last week and the graph seems to confirm this.


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