Training Update

Well a lot has been happening since the last post. I have done a handful of 2 hour swims in the Bay now and the only thing stopping me from going longer is boredom. Body is handling the cold well however I would be lying if I said the water temperature didn’t take my breath away at the start. Interestingly, the body seems to radiate heat once your in and within about 30 seconds, you don’t even notice the cold. Hard to understand and Im sure the guy walking his dog this morning who stopped to talk to me wasn’t having a bar of my story.

I am really starting to enjoy the Sunday morning swims – sounds weird I know – but once I’m out in the water, its an amazing feeling with the swell rolling in and watching the sun come up over the Melbourne skyline. The drive in is also good fun. No cars on the road and I get the best view of the city from the Bolte Bridge – before I started driving to Sandridge beach every Sunday I never even knew the big wheel was so well lit up at night.

Today I swam for about 45 minutes by myself before Chloe joined me for the second hour. Its a lot more fun swimming with someone else and your confidence builds up as well so we decided to swim across towards Station Pier (around 500m east of Sandridge), then out to a big yellow buoy (around 500m offshore), and back to Sandridge. We swam the giant triangle course a couple of times before Chloe had to get out.

Practised having a hot feed today which seemed to go well. Amazing how it warmed me up from the inside. In the next few weeks will be trying a couple of different gels (brands and flavours) and seeing which ones work the best. By that I mean which ones don’t make me physically sick, cramp up, or are an assault on the taste buds.

Also of interest last week was news that 14 year old Dan Canta (who I met at the open water season presentation night earlier this year) successfully swam across Port Phillip heads – also known as “the rip”. This is a swim that I have wanted to do for a long time and have been talking about for the last 6 months. Shame that my Aquarena swimming mates pulled the pin due to a fear of sharks. Its not that far (6km or so) however the challenge is the current and getting the tide right. Hopefully we can have a crack at it soon – definitely before the Channel. I am keen to either go either there and back or make it even more challenging and swim from Rosebud right across to Point Lonsdale (usually there is a fairly decent tail current through to Portsea). See the clip from 7 news below.